Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Talent Shortage: Facebook, Google, IBM, and Hedge Funds Compete for Scarce AI Talent

Quick View: AI Talent Should Consider Launching Their Own Ventures and Not Joining the Big Names.

A good portion of the Artificial Intelligence talent might consider launching their own ventures if they are entrepreneurial inclined. They could partner with domain experts in other fields and create new companies that apply AI to a broad range of problems that are currently being ignored in the industry.

I believe the work, compensation and advancements will be greater long term for them personally and professionally. What kind of ground breaking advancements are we going to make if all 10,000 specialist want to work on self driving technology or other crowded AI fields?

Besides, if/when their venture takes off, they will be acquired by one of the larger players or write their own ticket and remain self sustaining. But they will do it on their terms.

Sure Facebook, Google and IBM are competing aggressively (not to mention the Hedge Funds like Citadel LLC and Cerberus Capital Management) but the best and most visionary talent won't be tempted by the offers. Prime example is Matthew Zeiler. #AIWorkerShortage