What I Do

Over the past decade I’ve built, developed and advised dynamic and disruptive companies in the United States and Europe. Working on challenging problems with driven and smart people has helped shape my perspective on the world and how I want my companies to operate in it. I believe in challenging the way things are done, finding better ways of doing things and thinking differently from the consensus. In order to have a great life or great company you have to fill a void that is currently not being filled in the marketplace and then make the appropriate preparations to take over that space. If you simply try to do what everyone else is doing (either in business or your private life) you will generally get what everyone else has. If you’re happy with that great! But for me, I want the challenges, the new spaces, I want to go where other people haven’t gone yet.

But how can I be sure that I’m not just going off to places that have been abandoned for good reason? Not every contrarian idea is a good, profitable or sane idea. Some of them are just bad. So how can I find the opportunities? When I was younger it would be a huge challenge because I didn’t have the network of great people that I have today to mull over ideas with and just as importantly provide me insights in to different industries. By surrounding myself with clever, successful and strong people I am able to accurately evaluate ideas from multiple points of view and come to the most right answer. As a result, over the years, I’ve owned and advised companies in the financial services, private equity, hedge fund, retail, restaurants, consumer services, hospitality, real estate, water desalination and technology with great success.

Having successfully exited my previous company, I’m now at the helm of Blackstream Associates LP where I continue to build, develop and advise disruptive technology companies that will improve the world we live in. I work with partners and clients to address everything from the problems of today (sales, operations, marketing, innovation, team etc) to the more forward looking issues of (scaling, growth, social impact, market trends, risk and so on.) I work as a bridge between the traditional way of doing things in the classic economy to the disruptive way of doing thing in the digital economy. Combining the best of both worlds, I’ve been able to create a bespoke set of professional tools that gives me an exceptionally clear perspective on things.

Granted, this is the first time in history where the majority of the companies and workers are at risk of being displaced either partially or completely. In the next 20 years almost 50% of the jobs that are done today by a human will no longer exist. The list of industries that are being disrupted as well is too long to list here but it’s safe to say that almost every industry has a solid target on its back. But I look at these impending problems are opportunities to create companies that will grow and adapt with these changes. I’m bringing everything I’ve learned over the past decade and a half to work on these problems and find solutions.

I’m looking forward to creating the next generation of innovative companies to populate the Digital Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. With the right team, partners, clients, and customers we can create a future that is better with more opportunities than any of us can imagine.

Christopher Sanchez, Founder WanderingAlpha.com

The Industries that I'm Focusing On: 

Artificial Intelligence 

Digital Assets 




Space Economy - Satellites, Property Rights

Rocket Manufacturing 

Drone Tech

Access Economy 

Robotics - Physical + Digital 

Quantum Computing 

Augmented Reality 

Virtual Reality